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Decentralised Finance and Precious Metals Market

AuResources AG is a pioneering venture leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the precious metals market. With our unique offering, producers can raise funds without equity dilution or accruing debt, while investors can gain exposure to the gold market at a discounted price.

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Revolutionizing the Precious Metals Market with Equity-Free Funding for Producers

At AuResources, we offer a unique solution for producers to raise funds without diluting their equity. With our blockchain-based platform, producers can access financing options that don't require accruing debt or giving up ownership stakes. This allows them to maintain control over their operations while still accessing the capital they need to grow.

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Our innovative funding model empowers producers to secure capital without sacrificing ownership or incurring debt.

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Unique Offering

With AuResources, producers can access financing options tailored to their specific needs and goals.


Early Exposure to Gold Market at Discounted Price

With AuResources, investors can gain early exposure to the gold market at a discounted price. Our innovative blockchain technology allows for a unique investment opportunity.

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Advantageous Investment

Gain early exposure to the gold market and maximize your investment potential.

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Unique Opportunity

Invest in gold with AuResources and take advantage of our discounted prices.

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Unlocking New Possibilities: ERC20 Tokens and DeFi Protocols

The ERC20 token standard is a crucial component in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). It ensures seamless compatibility between different DeFi protocols, allowing for the smooth transfer and interaction of tokens across various platforms. By adhering to this widely adopted standard, AuResources AG enables investors and users to leverage the full potential of DeFi, benefiting from the liquidity, security, and flexibility it offers. Whether it's participating in yield farming, lending and borrowing, or decentralized exchanges, our ERC20 tokens provide a gateway to the exciting world of DeFi, empowering individuals to take control of their financial future.

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Discover How AuResources AG Revolutionizes the Precious Metals Market

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Token Issuance Made Easy with AuResources AG

AuResources AG operates as a decentralized finance company, revolutionizing the precious metals market through blockchain technology and token issuance.

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Unlock the Potential of Gold Investments with AuResources AG

Investors can gain exposure to the gold market early in its lifecycle and at a discounted price through AuResources AG's unique offering.

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Raise Funds Without Equity Dilution or Debt with AuResources AG

Producers can raise funds without diluting equity or incurring debt, thanks to AuResources AG's innovative approach.


Empowering the Future of Precious Metals Investments

AuResources AG is revolutionizing the precious metals market by leveraging blockchain technology. Our unique offering allows producers to raise funds without equity dilution or accruing debt, while investors can gain early exposure to the gold market at a discounted price.

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Exciting Partnership Announcement

Classic Minerals Limited (ASX: CLZ) is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey. We have executed a binding terms sheet with AuResources AG, a leading decentralized finance company based in Switzerland. This partnership will pave the way for exciting opportunities and growth.

At Classic Minerals, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the precious metals market. With AuResources' support, we will be able to advance our projects and expand our operations. The initial advance of US$10 million (A$15.3 million) (1st Tranche) from AuResources will provide us with the necessary capital to accelerate our growth plans.

We are confident that this partnership will bring immense value to our shareholders and stakeholders. By leveraging blockchain technology and the unique offering of AuResources, we can raise funds without equity dilution or accruing debt. This allows us to focus on our core mission of unlocking the full potential of the gold market.

Investors will also benefit from this partnership as they gain exposure to the gold market at an earlier stage and at a discounted price. AuResources' tokens, which conform to the ERC20 standard, ensure compatibility with various DeFi protocols, providing a seamless and secure investment experience.

We are excited about the future prospects that this partnership brings. Together with AuResources, we will continue to innovate and drive positive change in the precious metals industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey.

Read the full announcement on ASX

Competitive Edge: Measuring Our Success Against the Market

Highly Profitable
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our company, tokenization process, and investment opportunities.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of converting real-world assets into digital tokens on a blockchain. It enables fractional ownership, increased liquidity, and easier transferability of assets.

How can I invest?

To invest, you can purchase our digital tokens during the token sale event. Please reach out to our support team by clicking on Contact Us.

What are the benefits?

Investing in our tokens provides several advantages, such as early access to the gold market at a lower price, the potential for growth in value, improved liquidity, and enhanced integration with DeFi (Decentralized Finance), compared to traditional gold products.

Is it secure?

Yes, our tokenization process and platform are built on secure blockchain technology. We prioritize the safety and protection of our investors' assets.

How can I get started?

To get started, please reach out to our support team by clicking on Contact Us.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us for more information or assistance.

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The Minds Behind Our Success

Meet Our Team

Ian Cooper
Ian Cooper
Chief Executive Officer

Ian Cooper is a seasoned global board executive with more than 25 years of expertise in operations, growth investment, sales, and finance. He has a proven history of breaking into new markets, demonstrating his skill in recognizing untapped opportunities and devising successful strategies to leverage them.

Pierre Atton
Maxime Atton
Chief Technology Officer

Maxime Atton brings more than 15 years of experience as a Software Engineer, witnessing the rise of DLTs as an opportunity for conventional business operations. He also possesses ten years of expertise in crafting and executing digital strategies for major French brands, such as Total Energies and La Grande Récré.

Pierre Atton
Pierre Atton
Head of Research

Pierre Atton has a rich background as a Business Units Activity Manager and Developer at Total Energies. He also boasts extensive experience in managing professional relationships with High Net Worth (HNW) individuals, during which he honed his exceptional research skills, enabling him to delve deeply into various subjects.

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